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  • Our advisors are experienced and up to date with all improvements and innovations in the admission processes of different universities. This encourages them to provide students with step-by-step instructions during the application process, which can be daunting for many.
  • Setting up form deadlines and updating the criteria for any of the colleges that have been shortlisted. We assist universities/colleges, summer schools, and middle schools with their applications.
  • We follow these steps to ensure a safe application of our students:
  • The University will firstly be shortlisted.
  • Application through the internet
  • Submission of Records
  • Submission of a standardized ranking
  • Acceptance of the conditional bid letter
  • Acceptance of the final offer letter
  • Request a Visa
  • After this, our journey begins via the following process:
  • On the basis of the student’s profile and needs, a list of colleges/universities will be submitted to the student.
  • The application team will begin its work after the student has given his or her permission for the university/colleges.
  • A list of documents to be organized will be given to the student (Given below 1).
  • The Center for Career Advancement will train the student for his or her college interview.
  • After admission, the student would be expected to meet with the appointed Study Abroad counselor to discuss the universities and their criteria in greater depth.
  • The student will be expected to compose his or her Statement of Intent; however we will customize the paper for them.
  • Based on the client’s application plan*, the Centre for Career Development will apply to five universities per region.
  • Visa registration is not done by the Centre for Job Development.

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