Dear students,

I welcome you to Excel Study Abroad, Delhi. Thanks a lot for reading this and patronizing us to be your Study Abroad consultant and guidance. I am really thankful and proud of the fact that you chose us to be your Study Abroad consultant. While you have so many options to chose from. For you to understand, How will we be serving you better, I would like to share my own story here with you all.

After doing my graduation from India I had a dream of studying masters from U.K. I started exploring options from my graduation final year beginning itself. It was an ardous task which was very cumbersome for me to handle alone.

I visited one consultant he advised that option ‘A’ is best. I visited another consultant she advised option ‘B’ is the best. And this further continued. My confusion and dilemma grew out of bounds as I kept talking to many consultants. The problems I myself faced and conclusions I made are summed up here for your help too.

I found out that the counselling that was provided to me by the consultants was majorly, what was easily available options with them. None of them heard me out patiently neither tried to understand, what my actual need was, none of them tried to analyze my top preferences and provide me options that were best suitable for me.

Moreover, when I visited them after some time, I happened to meet another face wherein I found that he/she will uproot all the options discussed earlier and will offer something new as a course choice. Experiencing all of this made me anxious and I felt the need of guiding students myself and showing them the right career path for them according to their capabilities. Having first hand exposure of studying abroad myself and going through the full process being a student myself. I have counselled thousands of students to study abroad now.

We at ‘Excel Study Abroad’ provide customized services to students and make sure that every student of ours gets into the best institute and best course as per one’s abilities and capabilities.

Please feel free to connect with us personally.

Thanks & Regards

Aishwarya Mittal